Tools for thinking

When I started actively collecting notes and thoughts in 2018, I later realised that it would be a very interesting basis for a blog. Eventually a book, but that's a long term project.

I got the idea to create a set of the models and tools of thinking, and develop this set as I go, from the book 'Intuition pumps and other tools for thinking' from Daniel Dennett. The idea to actually write them down and put them on a blog, came when I saw this on the blog of Gary Basin.

The idea is to write about them, find motivation for doing so by publishing to my blog and perhaps they might be recognized, improved or criticized. All signs of adoption :)

For now, I separate between adaptive principles and phenomenological tools.

I like the idea of phenomenology very much, as it gives you a concept of 'experiencing' in general. This mode of thinking can be such a great tool in daily life, that I gave it its own name: Self-subjecting.

I collect them under the tag 'Thinking tool'.