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Waarom Wordpress? Je kunt ook voor Django CMS kiezen

About me

So. I'm Zowie Langdon. A guy from Amsterdam. I love building and working. I just love it!
So that's what I do! With the amazing people at Luminum Solutions, I build things. But not only technical things.

We want to build something complete. A community, traditions, a family. A place where we feel we belong and where we contribute.

Loving to build things gets you into some interesting situations alright. Over the past few years I've been involved (in all kinds of ways) in 7 startups, including one of my own: Akoten. Akoten was the first creation with which I hoped to combine my passion for building both on- and offline by building web applications while staying very involved in the business process.

It appeared to be something that was actually worth something to a bunch of other great people, and I managed to build the all new Kieskompas (Election Compass) that attracted millions of visitors in Australia, Spain, Portugal, the UK and the Netherlands.

And obviously you have the somewhat widespread fear in regard to burnouts, as we all work around 12 hours a day and sometimes even 7 days a week. But it's all about the reward you get from what you do. More will follow on how to stay motivated, productive and burnout-free in some of my other blog posts, probably with the tag Productivity.

So what's my part in this?

Well, I've just been trying to push the envelope. Some things work, some don't. From a methodological perspective, it's all about managing energy flow and throughput. Basically all I've been doing is trying to get somewhat of a hold of these parameters of performance while taking part in the things mentioned above.

Have a talk? Feel free to contact me. 😄

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